A Guide to Become a Ph.D. Candidate

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Being a Ph.D. candidate can be very challenging and getting admission in a well-reputed institute as a Ph.D. candidate can be quite difficult. Mostly every university has its own procedure or rules that need to be fulfilled before applying for the Ph.D. but there are some steps that almost every institute expect from the students of Ph.D. like having 16 years of education in the relevant field and must have maintained at least the minimum required grades throughout the courses.

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Here are some of the main practices which are usually considered necessary by all institutes that are offering the Ph.D. course for you.


Coursework is the most integral part of the Ph.D. degree. Coursework is about reviewing the relevant literature and other published or unpublished material. It is more like an ongoing work that you are supposed to do and you have to write your own papers on the basis of these studies. Most Ph.D. candidates find it challenging because of the high burden of work they mostly unable to submit their assignments on time. But a more organized and planned work can get you through this just fine.

Research Assisting

Another practice that is considered necessary in Ph.D. is assisting your supervisors or professors with the teaching or research. Research or teaching assistance can be done during any time of two years. The main purpose of this activity is to provide students the opportunity of practicing the theory. This indicates that in future whether the student can be an independent research/teacher or not.

Comprehensive Examination

Once the coursework stage is done, then the comprehensive examination stage comes. At this point, the student needs to take the comprehensive examination which consists mostly of the essays type. Ph.D. students find this time quite exhausting and tough. And this could go for many days. This exam shows the knowledge of student which he has learned so far and exams are checked by multiple professors with relevant field. They examine if the student is ready to go for next stage which is a dissertation.


The dissertation is one important task which is performed mostly after coursework and comprehensive exams. For this, a Ph.D. candidate needs to do the research on a unique topic individually and submit it to the professors. The purpose of the dissertation is to access where a student stands as an independent researcher and can he defend his research in future.


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A Guide to Become a Ph.D. CandidateunratedAdil Baguirov2018-05-14 03:44:50Being a Ph.D. candidate can be very challenging and getting admission in a well-reputed institute as a Ph.D. candidate can be quite difficult. Mostly …

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