Importance of Education

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Human brain holds a great capacity to process and store information, even when it is not told to do so, it is all-time performing this task of analyzing and processing through almost every encounter it makes. Many of us are unaware of the power our brain owns, and thus confines its growth and learning due to insecurity or any other societal, emotive or financial restraints. If a full-time active brain is provided with education, it can do wonders!

However, some people have set a criterion to get an education for a certain purpose only or for a targeted time of age. For example, merely to obtain a degree for the sole purpose of getting a job. But, if dig deeper we get to know that education helps personal empowerment and gives strength to go through any occurring scenario and circumstance.

Adil Baguirov

A person can never ask for his rights unless he himself has realization and knowledge about these rights. He can only support or dissent against a change made in the society when he is well-aware of the legislative policies and has all the related knowledge. Such contribution can be made only with proper education, which will not only bring personal development but also societal development.

Education provides with the financial stability without hurting the self-esteem of a person. By getting the proper education and getting the relevant job, a person is made self-sufficient inculcating the feelings of responsibility and independence within him.

Everyone has a desire for getting a job with a higher pay, and such a desire increases with time. However, one can not achieve a position or a job unless he/she has acquired the required education. So, a college degree after high school should not be taken for granted. Because certainly a more qualified person is chosen for any job.

The administrative structure of any country is based upon the intellectual personalities of the society, who achieve this place through education. Without education, the regulatory and societal framework can collapse. So, a continuous growth can be attained through incessant and enhanced education. It also matters for the coming generations that what we leave behind for them. And, an educated civilization can leave a better world than an uneducated one.

A mind should always be equipped with something productive, education and studying regularly helps the idle hours become worthy of producing some prolific stuff. When a person is indulged in reading instead of pondering over useless stuff, it helps him restrain from developing a negative mind having feelings of hatred and jealousy towards the society.

Education, hence, is vital in every area of life. Not only giving job opportunities, financial support but also self-aware and causative personality paying back to the world.

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Adil Baguirov is an educator and academician person who has been trying to improve the Education system in schools. His contributions to this mission is extensive. After completing his Ph.D., he has been working with different organizations.

Importance of EducationunratedAdil Baguirov2018-05-14 03:45:04Human brain holds a great capacity to process and store information, even when it is not told to do so, it is all-time performing this task of analyzi…

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